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Saturday, April 01, 2006

My favorite places No,3

My favorite place No,3 is a park which is located in near the Temple University Japan.
Firstly, we have T-time which is a long break from 12:20 ~1:50 everyday .
So, me and friends often bring lunch to that park.
It is really good place for us to be refresh,,,
But we have problem!! That is...
On rainy day, cold day and extremely busy day, we cannot use this sweet park, though we wanna go,,,
Anyway, it is no doubt I love this park!!

We can smoke, drink, eat, and talk in the park. It is so sweet time.
So, the time for class is getting closer and closer.
We always say like " we don' t wanna go to class..."
It is usual talking in the park.
Can you see Tabasco? It is my item for lunch. So, this park is like our home to us!! Very comfortable!!!

This park is also used for smoking by that people.
They usually bring a bucket which is for throwing cigarettes. It shows us they cannot smoke at their office.
I must say that this park is so famous by people who live or work at near this park.

This place is also good because we can exchange other cultures with foreigner students.
We always talk about each culture. It is fun, as we found big differences or similarities among our culture.
What are they talking?
I don't know, but it seems to be fun.

This is my sweet friend in that park!!
Her name is "Monroe"!! She is beauiful and sexy like real Monroe.
She is also regular visitor of this park!!
I hope her to remenber me!!

She is best friend for me.
We meet here and from that moment we became good friend.
So, this park is special for me.

My Comments
In here, we always have so much fun.
I have made many friends in here.
Without friend, my life is gonna be so boring. Friends are my prescious.
Also, this park which is able to make fun with my sweets is prescious...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

My favorite places No,2

My favorite places No 2 is smoking place in Temple University Japan!!
In TUJ, we have only one smoking place.
So, smoking place is a apecial haunt of students.
In there, we can meet and talk with many friends including professor.

Smoking is so deliscious especially after class...

Strange to say, chatting in smoking place is always fun!

Perhaps, for him, smoking place is good for thinking...

Smoking place is in outside, so we can often see beautiful sky.

She sharpens the point of a pencil for drawing class with smoking!

Smoking place is good for me to talk with foreigner students.

My Words

I really love smoking place. Smoking place is a place of recreation and relaxation!!
With smoking and talking, I can recover from tiredness of class!
I realized that places I love has always relationship with people. I am person who like to have relationship with others.
I was right to select Comunication as my major!!

My Favorite Places No,1

My one of favorite places is "Abe-chan" where is Izakaya in Azabu.
Here, we can eat very tasty Yakitori.
I really recomend chikin Yakitori!!
You can pick souce chikin or sault chikin Yakitori.
Of course, both are tasty!!

From left to right, Ayaka and Eriko.
We sometimes go to "Abe-chan" and talk about anyting with beer and Yakitori!

Becase of good Yaitori, our chatting will be never ended...
Beer, beer, sake, and Yakitori. Again, beer, beer, sake, and Yakitori.
That is cool routine!

He is worker in "Abe-chan".
He always accepts our order which is not listed on menu.
Also, he is always smiling!
Though I don't know his name, I wanna call him "kind-man"..

"Abe-chan" is not big Izakaya.
Rather small.
Table and chair are small.
So, distance between us and other guests is so close.
Oh! I found the guy is foreigner.
No doubt!! "Abe-can" is loved any kinds of nationalities!!

They seems to be regular visitors, because, "Kind-man" really grasp what they used to order!!
They argued about bad of young generation. ...Im sorry
But I wanna say "Time and world are always changed..
Take it Easy!!"

Due to no border, we started to talk with this guy.
I forgot what we talked each other.
But, Eriko and this guy had hot talking!
It's so funny!
If you wanna be hot, you should come to "Abe-can"

My Comments
Every people have each sepecial places. The reason why that place is so special is depended by each person.
My one of special places is "Abe-chan", because I can eat good foods and Beer there.
BUT, the most important thing is that the place, "Abe-chan", make it possible to have special memory and time with lovely friends.
It is good thing, I believe.
The relationship with people and place is special.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

About movie of "Postcard"

This movie is about one couple! In the beggining, they have very good relationship, but because of biyfrind's work they have to be separate. Boyfriend goes to various kinds of country by his car and then he does makes relationship with other girls. Finally, they break up! it is bad, but it is general story for a long distance love .. Why is it so difficult to keep good relationship as couple live very far away each other?
Maybe, this difficulty is caused by two characteristic of human. One is that people are so inflenced by place which they live. culutually and geographically, people will be different so much for instance differences among Americans and Japanese... The other is we people tend to have interest or curious towards different people and place from ours. we like everything which is new one or everything we have never known. So like this movie, if you meet with totally diferent people from you, you would be impressed by them. And there is so much posibirity to fall in Love with them!!
I really do not want to experience a long distance love!!!!!!!!

My First Searching

The place I pick up is Sugamo at Toshima area. Sugamo is as known as Harajuku for not young generation but elderly generation. Like Harajuku, Sugamo has very long moll street and various shops. This picture is about entrance for Sugamo moll street!!

In Sugamo, there are many many shops. Each shop does not deal with all sorts of goods, but they deal with one category. I mean each shop focus on one category like Yakitori, fish, flower, Japanese sweets or even Korean foods. Asmost all of shops have street stall in front of thire shops. It is easy to see what kinds of food a certain shop deal with. Rather we will want to get their foof because of good smell!! This picture is about Koreand food is called Chijimi.

This is famous Japanese sweet which is called "Taiyaki". It is tasty and so cheap!!

I want to recommend this Japanese sweets, which is Ohagi. it is made from Annko. Annko is bean jam. It is so good!!

Clothes are very cheap!! But, it is not for young people...

It is amazing!! Train in Sugamo has only one vehicles!!

Yeah... nice!!

Also, Sugamo is famous because it has religious thing, which is Jizou. Jizou is subject made from stone and it imitates figure of human. Jizou is incarnation of Buddha, so people pray to Jizou with various wish or purposes. Speaking of Jizou in Sugamo, it has special ability, which is to make your life longer and make your illness or sickness gone.

This Jizou is main Jizou in Sugamo! it is in Takaiwa temple. All you have to do is you wash the part of Jizou, which could be same part of your illness. And put money and then pray to Jizou.

I hope your wish to be real!!

People in Sugamo are very friendly. They are often chatting!

My Concern
In Sugamo, there are not so many young people but I can enjoy Sugamo. Atmosphere is so good because people live in Sugamo has already good community or friendship, so I can feel and touch their good relationship. People are chatting with guests or friends even if they were in working. Sugamo is very full of life or lively!

What is about my blog?

I'm currently studying at Temple University Japan and I'm taking very interesting class which is called "Neighborhod Narratives". This couese is about to explore the local Tokyo community with a critical and creative approach. Simply put, it is about to research any places in Tokyo with historical point of view and anthropological point of view. I want to know about what history a certain place in Tokyo has or what kinds of relationships between that place and people are going on. That is to say, through research, I want to make original point of view about one place with these kinds of stuff.